Forever Lately

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Matthew Holden from Greenwood, IN, who is a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.

Book Title:

Forever Lately


Linore Rose Burkard


Lilliput Press

Publication Date:

August 30, 2019


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305 pages


A mysterious tallit with the power of time travel falls into the hands of struggling novelist, Claire Channing. The powerful tallit seems bent on making her fall head over heels for Julian St. John—a person who, until recently, she thought was just a character in her book. Enter Clarissa Andrews, a vixen of a woman also in love with Julian, who begins escalating a love triangle to deadly proportions. More time travel shenanigans cause this romance to stand out among many others. Burkard shows the contrast between Claire and Clarissa as a pinnacle of the lesson for this book. While Clarissa is a vixen and a bully who uses her sexuality as a weapon, Claire is a strong and independent woman who defies stereotypes. Readers are left with the final question: Can true love overcome even time itself?

Burkard truly shows her full writing talents in this tale of time-twisting romance.


Rating (1 to 5):

4 of 5

Suggested Audience

Romance lovers will really love this book, but it does a good job at being very open to audiences of other genres.

Christian Impact

Claire, the protagonist, will teach readers that they do not have to be the most feminine or confident to be the most beautiful. Clarissa has a short redemptive arc at the end of the book, teaching readers that no one is too far gone to be rescued from their own darkness.

Forever, Lately

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