And Yet, Undaunted: Embraced by the Goodness of God in the Chaos of Life

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Chrysa Keenon, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


And Yet, Undaunted: Embraced by the Goodness of God in the Chaos of Life


Paula Rinehart, Connally Gilliam



Publication date:

Oct. 8, 2019






Life is hard, and the challenges we face make us incredibly vulnerable. Whether it is emotionally or spiritually, there will always be an ache inside of us, longing for something more. We are longing for God, who was removed from us because of the fall. Yet despite the struggles in life, we can still push through to reach to Him in our toughest situations. And Yet, Undaunted takes readers through the various states of life―creation (how life ought to be), the fall (how life is), redemption (how life can be), and restoration (how life will be one day)―and provides context to why difficult moments happen in our lives. Through the two testimonials of Paula and Connally, we can see that there is courage for walking forward on our path to be with God.

This book is filled with the wisdom of two women who have experienced some of life’s toughest moments. From long-term singleness to fertility troubles, these women walk readers through the unplanned vulnerability of their lives and how trust in God can help solve the ache in our souls. Readers will find reflective passages helpful for turning the message inward to their own problems. However, the story structure could have been strengthened if there were more than just two overarching struggles touched on by these authors. While the story speaks true to the testimonials of these women in two common situations, if it tackled broader topics, it could have encompassed more than just unplanned singleness and fertility issues.



4 out of 5

Suggested Audience:

Women aged 25-50 would find this book helpful.

Christian Impact:

The novel showcases how life can be complicated, yet the truth of God can be seen in every moment. Reflections on each section make it a good choice for a Bible study group or book club.

...And Yet Undaunted: Embraced by the Goodness of God in the Chaos of Life

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