Mark of the Raven

Reviewed by:

Allyson Hutchison, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Mark of the Raven


Morgan L. Busse


Bethany House Publishers

Publication Date:

November 6, 2018


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341 Pages


Lady Selene inherits her family’s power against her will. Along with it comes the throne of the House of Ravenwood. While trying to execute the plan her mother has drilled into her, Selene winds up in the middle of a moral dilemma. Does killing the man her mother instructed her to help her house or instead does it help the Empire—the enemies of all the other houses? Is protecting her house worth the fallout from the other house in the nation?

Lord Damien finds himself in a similar position. With the sudden passing of his family, Damien has to assume the throne to the House of Maris without proper training. He must navigate his powers while trying to convince the other houses to unite against the Empire. When new knowledge surfaces, he must choose if his heart, his house, or the nation as a whole matters more in the long run.

This story is woven together with delicate and deliberate hands. The characters are relatable and real. The description pulls the reader out of his seat and drops him in the world Busse has created. The problems of the story are issues readers face each day. Busse’s only downfall is the few moments where she tells her readers things instead of showing them. Otherwise, this book is phenomenal.


Rating (1 to 5):

5 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Age 13 and up, a Christian readership, a general fiction readership

Christian Impact

Busse’s novel deals with making moral decisions without having a clear-cut “right” option. With benefits and temptations one both sides, the characters must learn to do what is best.

Other Notes

The suggested audience is 13 and up because the book has some violent and disturbing scenes in it. However, it is likely that a younger reader could still understand the message of this book.

Mark of the Raven

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