The Dead Sea squirrels: Nutty study buddies

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader

The Dead Sea squirrels: Nutty study buddies


Mike Nawrocki


Tyndale Kids


September 2019




109 pages


The Dead Sea squirrels is a series for younger readers featuring squirrels Merle and Pearl, dried out and salted and left in a Dead Sea cave in 70 AD. 1950 years later they are squirreled away in Michael Gomez’s backpack and rehydrated in a rainstorm. The series relates their escapades with Michael and his friends.

In Nutty Study Buddies, amid many antics including rodent roller skating, Pearl offers some much-needed math tutoring to Michael but will he take the time to accept and actually study? All that amid keeping their existence a secret from Michael’s folks and satisfying Pearl’s fascination with collecting nuts. This is a fast and funny read, kids will love it.


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Suggested Audience:

Ages 6-10, grade level 2-3

Christian Impact:

This particular book in the series features, in a humorous way, lessons on hard work and honesty.

Other Notes (Optional):


-character profiles

-Dr. Gomez’s historical handbook

-about the author

Nutty Study Buddies (The Dead Sea Squirrels #3)

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