Something worth doing

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



Something worth doing


Jane Kirkpatrick




September 2020




312 pages


Historical fiction can really draw you to a time period of series of events and when it is based on a true subject or event, that makes it even better!

Abigail Scott became Abigail Duniway in 1853 when she married Ben Duniway. Often also known as Jenny, she was a school teacher rushed into marriage by her father but in a loving relationship nonetheless. Mother to six children, she always felt she was intended to be more than simply a wife and mother and proved that time and again during her long lifetime.

Abigail devoted her life to the rights of women, the vote being one of them but never her entire focus. She was a contemporary of Susan B. Anthony, wrote many articles, books and gave speeches for women across the country. Thus the title of the book, Something worth doing.

But Abigail struggled, as many women do today, with the pull between her family and her career, maybe even what might be labeled her calling. Excelling in a male-dominated world was difficult despite the backing and support of her own husband.

Well written and researched as all of Jane Kirkpatrick’s books are, readers will thoroughly enjoy this story and also be very interested in the Author’s notes which give much historical background to this work of fiction. Highly recommended.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Teens and adults who enjoy historical fiction

Christian Impact:

The book contains a strong Christian worldview though not actually giving specifics of becoming a Christian. The whole premise links with the title, doing something worthwhile, that you consider important for not only yourself but the world.

Other Notes:


-notes from the author

-discussion questions

Something Worth Doing

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