Living Wisely: Believing the Truths of Scripture

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Living Wisely: Believing the Truths of Scripture


Cynthia Heald



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In her book Living Wisely, author Cynthia Heald invites readers into her life. In ten chapters, her book explores a few of the areas where God changed her mindset and lifestyle. Each chapter centers on a story, and each story centers on a choice—every person chooses whether to live in God’s wisdom or in human understanding. As she tells these personal stories, she asks women to learn how to live wisely, as she learned in each of these cases.

Heald’s stories and conversational tone connect her message to her readers. By drawing on real human experiences, she pulls theology out of the abstract realm and into her readers’ lives. Interspersed Bible verses and quotes from famous theologians help illustrate her points, but everything revolves around the narrative. Though excessive adjectives and adverbs bog down the heart of the message in some places, the book still feels coherent. It progresses at a steady tempo, with easy-to-follow logic and a consistent structure.

Although the focus of the book is rather broad, Heald lays out her ideas clearly. Even those with short attention spans and limited energy would find her ideas accessible. That said, those looking for deeper, more complex truths would do better to look elsewhere. What the book lacks in complexity, though, it makes up for in personal connection. Overall, the book’s simple, conversational approach works well, giving it a clear-cut and comfortable sense of progression.



4 stars

Suggested Audience

Bite-sized chapters and a warm, nurturing approach make this book attractive to busy women—young moms, college girls, or women with careers. Its simplicity makes it an easy read for those lacking in time or energy.

Christian Impact

This book helps draw parallels between biblical truth and readers’ lives. Women who want to grow closer to God and increase in wisdom will appreciate this book.

Other Notes (Optional)

Every chapter ends with a short prayer, reflection questions, and a Scripture that captures the theme of that section.

Living Wisely: Believing the Truths of Scripture

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