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The focus of this book is found in John 15:9, “As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.” The author reveals how the shame-based, try-harder Christianity prevalent today has left many Christ followers discouraged and tired of trying to do more, be more and know more. Through personal stories and Scripture, the reader learns what it means to respond to Jesus’ call to abide in God’s love. This book also gives encouragement to those believers who are burnt out and disillusioned by showing a way of healing, freedom and intimacy with Christ.

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Creatures of Habit

We all are creatures of habit. Some of those habits tend to hold us back for the best that God has for us. Steve Poe asks what these habits reveal about ourselves and if we are trying to fix these habits on our own or with God’s help. Also, he asks what is keeping us from acknowledging that our habits are harmful both to ourselves and others.

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Living Wisely: Believing the Truths of Scripture

Bite-sized chapters and a warm, nurturing approach make this book attractive to busy women—young moms, college girls, or women with careers. Its simplicity makes it an easy read for those lacking in time or energy.

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