Flights of Fancy

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Lilia Snyder from Louisville, Kentucky, a Professional Writing student at Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Flights of Fancy


Jen Turano


Bethany House Publishers

Publication Date:

January 14, 2019


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365 words


Isadora Delafield is an American heiress who grew up in New York high society and only knows a life of fame and luxury. While attending a ball, she is introduced by her mother to a duke who is eager to marry her. Isadora immediately dislikes him after he behaves inappropriately around her, so she storms out of the ball. She hopes that by leaving, the duke will quit pursuing her. She is horrified to learn that it only encourages him. To make matters worse, she is informed that this duke had allegedly poisoned his last three wives. Having no choice but to flee her life of comfort, Isadora seeks refuge in Pennsylvania under the guise of being a housekeeper.

Ian MacKenzie of Glory Manor is desperate to find a new housekeeper. After his previous one quit, he is looking for someone who would be able to take care of the house so his aging aunt and uncle would not have to overwork themselves—especially since his aunt had taken in four orphaned children. He meets Isadora Delafield (under the alias of Mrs. Izzie Delmont) most unconventionally when he rescues her from getting stuck in a pond on his property. Even though Ian does not think Isadora possesses the skills of a housekeeper, he finds her intriguing and agrees to hire her, although reluctantly. That way, Ian can follow his dreams of becoming a great businessman and climbing the social ladder. However, the more he gets to know his housekeeper, he begins to develop feelings for her and questions if the dreams he has made for himself are worth it.

I found this book to be endearing and Jen Turano’s characters charming. I especially enjoyed the children, as well as Ian’s aunt and uncle. The author did a great job writing banter between the various characters. While I love historical fiction novels, I have not read too many stories about what life is like as an heiress, and I was fascinated to learn more about that lifestyle. God is mentioned a few times throughout the book. Ian’s aunt claims that God meant to bring Isadora to Glory Manor, and the community around the manor demonstrates Christ’s love. I wish the author had developed Isadora’s relationship with God more, but with that said, I thought the character development was done well and realistically. All in all, I highly enjoyed this book, and I would love to read other books by Jen Turano! 



4 out of 5

Suggested Audience

Ages 15 and up. Historical fiction readers. Christian readers. Fans of Hallmark movies. Jane Austen enthusiasts.

Christian Impact

Much of the book is centered around how God has a purpose for everyone’s lives. Isadora never thought that she would become a housekeeper, but Ian’s aunt insisted that there was a reason why God brought her here. Ian desired to climb up the social ladder, but God ended up having different plans for him. There was also a scene where the characters went to church on Sunday, and it showed the community of the town.

Other Notes:

Overall, I would say that this book remains clean, however the duke does look at Isadora in an inappropriate way, and it is also mentioned that he poisoned his wife. Also, the book does mention child abuse throughout the book as Ian was abused by his biological father, and the orphans also experienced abuse, but it happened before the story began. There is also a scene where characters drink wine and alcohol (more of a social thing), abduction, and kissing.

Flights of Fancy (American Heiresses, #1)

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