The Love Note

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Pamela Berndt, Church Librarian, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 


The Love Note


Joanna Davidson Politano


Revell Publication

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Print Paperback Book


374 pages plus discussion questions and sneak peek at another book.


Willa finds a love note in her desk, but who was it from and who was it for? Not her.  She takes a job as a nurse at Crestwicke Manor where the desk had came from.  Will she find the writer of the letter or who it was meant for? While she is there the note is found by just about everyone in the household and has a definite effect on all who read it.  Willa is not looking for love but there does not seem to be any at Crestwicke to find.  She takes care of the matron of the house and learns many secrets and tries hard to help the rest of the family work through them. It is a very easy and lively read with twists and turns all the way through. What would you do with a found love note?




Suggested Audience:


Christian Impact:

All the way through.  One of the characters mentions Him often when they are hurting or helping someone.

Other notes:   

It was interesting how the note made its way through the household and what it did for each person that read it.

The Love Note

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