Starfish Pier

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Pamela Berndt, Church Librarian, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 


Starfish Pier


Irene Hannon


Revell Publication

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332 pages plus 10 pages of new coming series


Steven, an ex-Delta Force, and Holly, a first-grade teacher, meet when they both work on Helping Hands.  Two people from totally different backgrounds.  Can they ever agree on the main things in life?  Read and learn how they are more alike than they think. There are other people working in the back helping and hindering their progression.  Their ups and downs will keep you turning the pages just to see what will happen next.  Which one will you root for?


Rating (1 to 5 stars):

5 stars

Suggested audience:

Older teens and up.

Christian Impact: 

Great.  He is mentioned and used through the whole story.

Other notes:

It was interesting to see how two different people can work together.  

This is book 6 in the Hope Harbor series.

Starfish Pier (Hope Harbor #6)

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