The Second Happy

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Jane Ahrens, Church Librarian, Faith Evangelical UMC, Elmhurst, IL 60126


The Second Happy


Kevin & Marcia Myers


Nelson Books

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240 pages


This is a very practical book on marriage. The authors begin by saying everyone wants a happy marriage and most everyone begins marriage happy. As time goes on, a couple may become less happy. This book provides some practical steps for married couples to take to live “The Second Happy.”

Each chapter describes a specific practice a couple can use to better their marriage. Each chapter ends with a section entitled “Conversation for a Couple” that has questions for the couple to answer individually and then discuss together along with discussion questions for couples to use in a small group setting. Each practice is grounded in Scripture and there are many practical examples shared to help the couple apply each practice. The authors also encourage couples to make God their first love and to embrace a mindset of submitting to God and to each other.

This book is a valuable tool for any couple who wants to rebuild or strengthen their marriage. 


Rating (1 to 5):

4 stars

Suggested Audience:

Married couples mostly, but also for couples who are engaged to be married.

Christian Impact: 

The book is grounded in Scripture and would be most useful for couples who are Christians.  

The Second Happy: Seven Practices to Make Your Marriage Better Than Your Honeymoon

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