‘Til I Want No More

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Jane Ahrens, Church Librarian



‘Til I Want No More


Robin W. Pearson



Publication Date:

February 2021


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397 pages


Maxine’s life went into a tailspin on the day her father died twenty years ago. She believes he is the only one who ever really loved her and knew her and that her life would have been different if he had not died. She would not have suffered from a mother who deserted her, a new stepfather, and the pain and sorrow of her rebellious teenage years. Or the suffering of losing JD, who gave her a sense of belonging at least for a time.

But that is in the past. Maxine is now engaged to Theodore Charles.  She tries to convince herself that he is the one for her while at the same time hiding the truth of her past from him.  The return of JD adds another complication to her life as his presence threatens to expose the secrets she had hidden for so long. As her wedding day approaches, Maxine must confront what it really means to be known and loved. She begins by examining what she has worked so hard to bury in the past and exposing the truth she has kept hidden.


Rating (1 to 5):

4 out of 5

Suggested Audience:

Those who enjoy contemporary Christian fiction, Southern fiction and family sagas  

Christian Impact:

This is a story of forgiveness and grace and what it means to be really known and loved.

'Til I Want No More

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