The Anxiety Reset

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Jane Ahrens, Church Librarian



The Anxiety Reset


Gregory L. Jantz, PhD


Tyndale Momentum

Publication Date:

March 2021


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263 pages


This book deals with the issue of anxiety. Anxiety is the most common mental health disorder both in the United States and around the world.  The World Health Organization reports that 1 in 13 suffers from anxiety worldwide.  With many facing increased anxiety in the midst of the present pandemic, this book is a very helpful resource.

“The Anxiety Reset” offers a personalized plan for overcoming the fears that robs individuals of joy and peace. This guide includes chapters including your anxiety type and triggers; common myths about anxiety; hidden causes and catalysts of anxiety and what to do about them; the pros and cons of medication and possible alternatives; how to develop your optimism muscle; how to eat better for your emotional health and how to get started on your own anxiety reset plan. The book includes current scientific research, stories from real life individuals and useful strategies making it very readable and practical.

Also included are helpful appendices which includes self-assessment tools, unmasking myths about anxiety, treatment options, relaxation techniques and a recommended reading list. 

 A very helpful resource for anyone who deals with or knows someone who deals with occasional, persistent or overwhelming anxiety


Rating (1 to 5):

4 out of 5

Suggested Audience: 

Persons dealing with anxiety or know someone who is dealing with anxiety. 

Christian Impact:

There are some references to faith and a relationship with God, but that is not the focus of the book. 

The Anxiety Reset: A Life-Changing Approach to Overcoming Fear, Stress, Worry, Panic Attacks, Ocd and More


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