A Pursuit of Home

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A Pursuit of Home


Kristi Ann Hunter


Bethany House







376 pages

This gripping novel begins in 1800s France and England with a tense situation involving a national dispute over the monarchy.  Though most places and events were fictional, the author does a great job of giving us a picture of European life and culture during that time.  The action of this book was quick and began in the first pages.  If a reader likes a more sedate pace, that can be problematic when trying to keep events sorted out.  But this book was worth the read with themes of loyalty, courage, boldness and integrity. 

Jess finds herself living quietly in England in a remote spot due to her identity and the fact she witnessed a hostile takeover of her beloved country. Her family was hauled away and presumed dead while she was safely stowed away in her home.  Left as what is believed to be the only survivor, she is rescued and then leads a quiet life hoping her identity can be kept a secret.  Only a few faithful know the truth.  But her place in royal lineage makes that impossible. The action ratchets up when she tries to decipher clues from a diary that lead to a precious artifact confirming her identity in the royal line that is challenged.  She asks for help from a well known historian, Derek Thornbury, someone she truly dislikes, but they embark on a journey together to translate clues leading to the truth. The race is on, as two opposing sides scurry to find an artifact that will determine the future of Jess’ country.

I enjoyed the lessons from this book that related to the themes.  We often struggle with opposing factions in our lives and must decide where we take a stand. Jess showed much courage to stand unflinching in the face of heat, even with the prospect of her death. That kind of boldness is a rare quality today.  Thanks to the author for showing that and making this a difficult book to set down.


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High school/adult 

Christian Impact:

Even though it was fiction, the book gave a glimpse into the challenges of royal lineage, something we don’t understand in this country. There were no in-your-face professions but the subtle glimpses at just the right time were something I did come to appreciate. 

A Pursuit of Home (Haven Manor, #3)

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