The Cromwell enigma: A Tudor mystery

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Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long time book discussion leader



The Cromwell enigma: A Tudor mystery


Derek Wilson


Marylebone House

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339 pages


Nicholas Bourbon, who met Thomas Cromwell many years ago, is sent on a quest by the queen of Navarre to investigate and discover all he can about Cromwell, a man of many faces who appeared differently to almost all those that Bourbon interviews.  Cromwell has been beheaded and now the memory of his life is being discussed by those who knew him and those who simply knew of him.

Bourbon himself is a poet and classicist, a definite scholar, who endures many hardships in his mission for the Queen Marguerite. It is a turbulent world and his life is often in danger but he continues on, first because of his commitment to the undertaking and his word to the queen but as he carries on, he himself becomes obsessed with Tom Crom as he is known by many of his cronies and will not give up.

Well written and fascinating, this book is not for the casual reader as it is certainly not what you would call “an easy read” yet one well worth the time and effort to consume it.


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Suggested Audience:

Fiction readers who enjoy reading about the Middle Ages and all that entails.

Christian Impact:

Many historical figures are featured who played huge roles in the religion, Catholicism and Christianity of the 1500s. Not so much a Christian impact as a historical religious impact.

Other Notes:

-includes Notes on Historical characters

The Cromwell Enigma

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