Faithful Antiracism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change

Reviewed by:

Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Faithful Antiracism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change


Chad Brennan and Christina Edmondson


InterVarsity Press

Publication Date:

February 1, 2022




240 pages


Racism is always a complex subject. Particularly in America, it can feel like a vast, hideously complex subject which no individual can make any progress against. Chad Brennan and Christina Edmondson demonstrate that while there are systemic issues that need to be addressed, there are attitudes and actions people can cultivate to fight racism today. Citing past research, their own studies and other authors, they show eleven attitudes that are key to faithful antiracism:

  • Faithful Antiracists Have Wisdom
  • Faithful Antiracists Apply the Bible
  • Faithful Antiracists Stand for Justice
  • Faithful Antiracists Understand Our Past
  • Faithful Antiracists Understand Our Present
  • Faithful Antiracists Understand Racial Trauma
  • Faithful Antiracists Do Not Rely on Magic
  • Faithful Antiracists Follow the Example of the Early Christians
  • Faithful Antiracists Seek Out Help and Help Others
  • Faithful Antiracists Effectively Measure Progress
  • Faithful Antiracists Help to Change Our Society

There have been some excellent books in recent years about contemporary racism in America, and what methods accurately fight it. African-American writers like A.D. Thomason have discussed being on the receiving end of racism and healing from it. D.A. Horton has discussed how pastors can cultivate empathy and healthy relationships between different ethnic groups. These approaches and others are helpful, but sometimes the most important step is having solid research to back up claims and approaches. Brennan and Edmondson provide that much-needed research. They meticulously unpack studies that show why “magic solutions” like diversity workshops are not sufficient, how understanding the past is vital to developing a rigorous attitude about racism in the present, and other vital truths. By including personal anecdotes and interviews from a range of people, they “add flesh” to their ideas, showing the personal effect these ideas have.

An excellent resource for understanding racism in America and how to combat it.


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians interested in well-researched studies on racism in America and methods that accurately demolish racist behavior and system.

Christian Impact

The authors start the book by discussing the Old and New Testaments’ take on social ethics, which grounds their ideas in how Christians can apply their faith and heritage to the topic.

Faithful Antiracism: Moving Past Talk to Systemic Change

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