Destined for You

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Edna Johnson of Faith Baptist Church in Winfield, IL


Destined for You (Ladies of the Lake)


Tracie Peterson


Bethany House

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332 pages


This is another favorite of mine by Tracie Peterson.

Lucas Carson moves from Philadelphia, PA to Duluth, MN to oversee building a railroad into Duluth. His plans to live with his brother go awry when he finds that his brother perished in a fishing boat accident. He left behind a newborn daughter. Lucas takes on the responsibility of raising the baby. He finds himself the object of an old enemy who plans to see him fail. Then his domineering father appears, planning to take the baby to Philadelphia. When tragedy brings Luke and local woman, Gloriana, together, they help each other through their grief and soon find their lives inextricably linked. If they survive the trials ahead, could it be possible they’ve been destined for each other all along? Thus the name of the book!

A measles epidemic brings about surprising results.


Rating: 5

Suggestion audience:

Young adult to adult

Christian impact:

Very good Christian content

Destined for You (Ladies of the Lake, #1)

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