Tacos for two

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and longtime book discussion leader


Tacos for two


Betsy St. Ament









381 pages


StrongerMan99 and ColorMeTurquoise are online handles on a dating site. They haven’t met yet but are definitely attracted to one another and having fun chatting and flirting. But things are going to get very complicated.

Rory is attempting to continue her aunt’s legacy and keep the family food truck business going and winning a local food truck contest would give her the funds she needs to continue. But Jude Strong, part of a local privileged family intends to win that contest and prove he can make it on his own, free of his prosperous father.

Now it gets tricky. Rory and Jude meet and there is lots of fireworks, not necessarily positive. You’ve probably guessed by now that Jude is StrongerMan and Rory is Turquoise! How St. Ament brings them together and works out their complex romance, is a roller coaster of a story. This is a lighthearted read and an easy read, as well.



Suggested audience:

Teen and adult fans of fiction

Christian impact:

There is little mention of Christianity in this book but the story is clean with nothing objectionable in it.

Also includes:

-a sneak peek at St. Ament’s next book, The key to love



Tacos for Two

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