NIV Verse Mapping Bible For Girls

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Denise Roberts of Berean Baptist Church, Portage, MI



NIV Verse Mapping Bible For Girls


Zondervan Publishers with Kristy Cambron for Book Intros and Verse mapping methodology


Zondervan, Grand Rapids, MI

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The Bible is continually published in various translations and formats. We have many Bible types and designs at our disposal, making it possible to find just the right one for our needs. Zondervan now offers a Bible for tween and teen girls that gives an additional study feature called verse mapping. Verse mapping is developed by Kristy Cameron and provides a five-step plan for learning Bible study basics. This approach allows a deeper meaning of each verse and its application into daily life. I am impressed with this study approach but wonder how many of the intended age group would take this approach seriously. JHowever, if a girl is interested in deeper study, she will be blessed. There are 350 partially completed verses pre-selected for girls to develop and 70 blank verse maps to try on their own. The rest of the Bible is the standard NIV layout for Bible reading.



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Rating 4 out of 5

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Tween & Teen Girls

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Excellent for Study of God’s Word


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