Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies

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Judi Turek Church Librarian, Wheaton Bible Church 27W500 North Ave., West Chicago, IL 60185




Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, & Enemies


Catherine McNiel



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Paperback book (also available on Kindle or as an audiobook download)


240 pages


The command of Jesus to love your neighbors, strangers, and even enemies is radical and daunting. I certainly can’t be expected to really do that, right? McNiel’s book doesn’t water down this command though. She reinforces it, but by weaving her personal stories and scripture together she gave me practical steps to make this command part of my everyday life.

She dedicates a section of her book to defining and expanding on each of the categories of people we are commanded to love; neighbors, strangers, and enemies. The end of each section includes discussion questions, practical tips to live out this command, and even a list of a few songs and works of art to meditate on.

Yes, God really does expect us to follow this command, and McNiel’s book will confront you with this truth. In her conversational style she will encourage and equip you (as she did with me) to take the risk and prayerfully look for ways to show His love to those whose lives intersect with your life.



Rating (1 to 5):

5 stars

Suggested Audience:

Suitable for individuals or church libraries from a wide spectrum of denominations and political viewpoints. (She does not bring political parties into the discussion.)

Christian Impact:

This book will confront your biases and point you to a sense of responsibility to love as Christ loved us.


Fearing Bravely: Risking Love for Our Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies

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