Surviving Carmelita

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Mary Clapp, former Church Librarian



Surviving Carmelita


Susan Miura


CrossRiver Media  

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Kindle (also available as a paperback book)


263 pages


The main character, Josie, suddenly and unexpectedly faces a tragedy that would be hard for anyone to process. As she sees how this accident is affecting her children and best friend she decides the best thing to do is to leave her home in Illinois and go spend some time with a cousin in Key West, Florida. Her time away from her family is a huge growing time for her spiritually, but also for the family she leaves behind. 

At one point in the story, Josie finds herself on the beach, dehydrated and with sunburn on her feet which would make it probably impossible for her to walk back to her home. At this point she meets “Beach Man” who offers her a cool drink, pours special water over her feet that feels like aloe vera gel, and shows her compassion. He knew her name and seemed like a long-time friend. He even carries her to a cab, which he paid for, to take her home. Josie experienced peace and tranquility for the first time since the tragic incident.

The story has several other characters that experienced hardship, needed forgiveness, and needed a second chance. There are many examples of how to love our neighbor and how to overcome difficult situations in this story.


Rating (1 to 5):

5 stars

Suggested Audience:

Women or teens, but especially anyone dealing with grief and other difficult circumstances. It is a good story that would work well in a church library.

Christian Impact:

This story is about how to overcome very difficult circumstances, forgiving yourself and others, and giving people second chances, all from a Christian perspective.


Surviving Carmelita

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