A song unheard

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Edna Johnson from Faith Baptist in Winfield


A song unheard (Shadows over England, Book 2)


Roseanne White


Bethany House


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398 pages


Willa Forsythe, a professional thief, is sent from London to Wales to steal the key to break codes during World War 1.  She is the perfect person for the job. Her object is Lukas DeWille, a concert violinist who is the son of a top cryptologist. What no one knows is that the key is actually with his 14 year old sister back in Belgium. But it is in her head, nor written down. She and her mother are hidden in a home that houses a German soldier.

Life centers on Willa in Wales when the party learns she can play anything on a violin when she has hears it only one time. Others are also after the code which makes it a race to discover that code first. Lukas wants to go to Belgium to rescue his family but he needs help, it makes life interesting when Willa and a fellow thief volunteer. But there is an element of danger to the DeWille family that Lukas is totally unaware of. God discloses Himself to Willa ands show her that she can become a new person.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adult level, interest in British history

Christian impact:

Very good Christian impact, this book shows that God can change even a thief to one who can serve Him.


A Song Unheard (Shadows Over England, #2)




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