In honor’s defense

Reviewed by:

Beth Swanson, voracious reader


In honor’s defense (#3 Hanger’s horsemen)


Karen Witemeyer


Bethany House

Publication date:

June 7, 2022




376 pages


Damaris Baxter is a single woman living with her aunt in St. Louis, Missouri in 1865.. She does not have much hope or direction and really is happy to live a quiet life, not being noticed much. But when Damaris receives a notice that her older brother has passed and requests she move to Madisonville, Texas to raise her teenage nephew, Nathaniel, she hopes they might become a real family.

But Nathaniel is not an easy teen to deal with. He is resentful of his father’s death and angry at everyone and everything! The teen pulls pranks on his aunt and neighbor (who he suspects murdered his Dad). A stranger arrives to hear screams from the house and finds the Damaris trapped in cellar. The stranger is Luke Davenport, a Hanger’s Horseman who saves, protects and rescues people in trouble. He helps to tame Nathaniel but also falls in love with the aunt. He, too, wants to be part of a family.

Luke attempts to help Nate out of trouble and Damaris feels indebted to  him. But there are still suspicions surrounding the death of her brother and asking questions only increases the danger. Will this little family survive?


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Young adults and adults

Christian impact:

Many Bible verses are shared in reference to our daily lives and healing.

Also includes:

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In Honor's Defense (Hanger's Horsemen, #3)

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