A gem of truth

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


A gem of truth, (Secrets of the Canyon Book #2)


Kimberly Woodhouse


Bethany House


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307 pages


This is a gripping story of adventure and romance that begins in June 1889. Young Julia Schultz sees her parents hung and taken away. She has no understanding of hope, love or God. But readers will follow the adventure as Julia grows and develops into a true believer of Christ.

Julia is known as a liar or storyteller. She becomes a Harvey Girl at El Tovar Hotel in the early days of the Grand Canyon as an attempt of making a new start after her very painful past and the reputation she has. She dreams of exploring the canyons, then hears of lost treasure.

Christopher Miller has a good reputation as one learning to be a master jeweler. He takes pride in his work and in carrying on the family legacy. Suddenly he finds out he has only six weeks to buy his building before it will be sold out under him. He and Julia both have caught the fever of lost treasure. This is the dream that binds them together. But will her past allow them to trust one another and build a life together?


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Adult fans of historical fiction

Christian impact:



A Gem of Truth (Secrets of the Canyon, #2)



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