Love and the Dream Come True

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Kayla Houvenagle from Rockville, IN, a Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University in Upland, IN.



Love and the Dream Come True (State of Grace)


Tammy L. Gray


Bethany House (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

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366 pages


Cameron Lee made his dream of playing music for massive crowds a reality four years ago, and now it’s turning sour. He’s dry on musical inspiration, and his music company is pushing him into playing pre-written soulless and market-friendly songs.  If he refuses, he’ll end up kicked out of the music industry entirely. He reluctantly returns to his childhood hometown to recuperate and attend his sister’s wedding, while failing to avoid the broken relationships he left behind four years earlier.

Instead, he finds a new friendship with Lexie, an old friend of his sister who is a single mother starting a house-turning business with her cousin. As their friendship grows into something more, Cameron wonders whether a relationship with Lexie is a good idea when it can only be short term. Slowly he begins to rediscover the God he also left behind. Will he be able to reconnect with God and the people he left behind? Does he have any chance at resurrecting his passion for music, or has it left him for good?

Author Tammy L. Gray does an excellent job introducing new characters, especially in the case of deuteragonist Lexie. She bubbles with life the moment she steps on the page and feels like someone you’d want as a friend. Unfortunately, Gray struggles to keep up this level of characterization. The writing often feels a bit stilted; people say things that are in character but aren’t phrased the way they would say them.

Despite these minor problems, the book was a fast-paced read that keeps you curious about what is going to happen next.


Rating(1 to 5):

3 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience: 

Adults in their 20s and 30s.

Christian Impact:

Cameron’s waning faith in God being rejuvenated is one of the main plot threads in Love and the Dream Come True. As he examines his faith, he realizes it was a fundamental part of his music before he cast it out, not realizing how much he was losing. Lexie’s faith also has an impact on the story, though in a subtler way. As a single mother co-starting a business, she relies on God regularly. He shines through in the way she bounces back from problems and raises her daughter.



Love and the Dream Come True (State of Grace, #3)

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