A daughter’s courage

Reviewed by:

Beth Swanson, voracious reader


A daughter’s courage (Brides of Laurent) 


Misty M. Beller


Bethany House






304 pages


1817 Rocky Mountain, Canada, follow this New Frontier adventure. Read the adventure and travel, meeting new unexpected friends. Man and animal who watch out for each other.

Read and discover first love, adventure, travel, bonding friendships.

After accidentally destroying the intricately carved chalice her people have treasured for over a hundred years, Charlotte Durand sets out in search of a skilled artisan who can repair the damage. What she expected to be a two-day trek becomes much more daunting when a treacherous snowstorm sets in.

Searching for solitude and respite from his troubling past, the last thing Damien Levette needs in the middle of a mountain blizzard is to tend to another person, but he can’t leave behind the mysterious woman he finds half frozen at the edge of a mountain lake.

As they battle both the elements and their distrust of each other, Charlotte and Damien must work together to survive the peril of the mountains–or it could be the downfall of them both.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Young adults to adults

Christian impact:

God has a plan for each of our lives. He helps us to find our trail.


A Daughter's Courage (Brides of Laurent, #3)



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