In the shadow of the river

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Beth Swanson, voracious reader


In the shadow of the river


Ann H. Gabhart



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352 pages


Secrets and lies. Life on and along the river. In 1881,  Jacci Reed’s mother dies when Jacci is five. A man had attempted to kidnap Jacci and her mother is severely wounded during that attempt.  The Show Boat family and Jacci’s grandfather help to raise her. She loves the life on the showboat singing and dancing. Her mother read to her from the Bible daily, so she continues  to do the same. Life is good with her adopted family.

Fifteen years later there is an attempt on Jacci’s life and all the old questions rise up. Jacci craves answers and they are not easy ones. Meanwhile Gabe, a member of the Show Boat family waits for the time that he and Jacci can be together.


5 out of 5

Suggested audience:

Age sixteen and up

Christian impact:

Prayer and asking God for help can be done on sea, land or everywhere.

Also includes:

-books by author
-chapter of the next book

In the Shadow of the River

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