I Made the Earth

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Judi Turek

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Wheaton Bible Church Librarian


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I Made the Earth


Shannon Cook, Illustrated by Richard Watson


End Game Press

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Children’s picture book


26 pages


Bold, colorful illustrations and rhyming words introduce children to their world and God’s hand in
creating it. The book’s message is that God made the earth for us because He loves us and because His creation speaks of Him. Because the earth is God’s special gift to us we should take good care of it. This message is tied into Earth Day and the author includes some background on how Earth Day was recognized. She also includes some simple things that children can do to take good care of God’s gift to us.


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Suggested Audience

Geared for preschoolers to early elementary ages.

Christian Impact

Earth Day is a secular holiday celebrated in schools and around the world, but the author wants to give
readers God’s perspective of why we should care for the earth.


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