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Disability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing in the Gospels and the Church

Fox takes a humbling, often difficult topic and provides excellent insights. She makes a compelling case that healing actually involves much more than just people’s medical problems being fixed, creating a powerful picture of church ministries that display radical love and humility.

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No is a Beautiful Word: Hope and Help for the Overcommitted and (Occasionally) Exhausted

Nobody can commit to doing everything people ask them to do, but nobody wants to turn down fun opportunities either. But what if saying “No” to certain things can actually be good?

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Live the Questions: How Searching Shapes Our Convictions and Commitments

This book will open readers’ eyes to the idea that faith means something beyond knowing all the answers, that in fact mature Christian faith involves listening to one’s doubts and using them as impetus to seek deep answers to hard questions.

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