Midwife of Borneo

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



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Midwife of Borneo

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Wendy Grey Rogerson and Barbara Fox

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267 pages


Midwife to Borneo is the delightful true story of Wendy Grey as she goes on the mission field in 1959. She trained as a nurse but her stint in Borneo found her often filling the role of anesthetist and even surgeon. She rose beautifully to every occasion and made a huge impact on the people she worked with and the many she ministered to. Filled with black and white photographs, the book gives us a vivid idea of the many experiences and adventures Wendy faced.

The two religions mentioned in the book are Catholicism and Anglican. Although you will not find the plan of salvation given in Midwife to Borneo, the entire book is filled with a Christian worldview and is a wonderful read.


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Suggested Audience:

Anyone interested in foreign missions or medical work, particularly

Christian Impact:

Despite the many hardships, Midwife of Borneo will encourage any readers interested in ministering in foreign missions.

Other Notes (Optional):

Also includes:

-glossary of Malay and Dusun words

-list of photographs



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Midwife of Borneo: The True Story of a Geordie Pioneer

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