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The Fall and Redemption of Shadowmere: A Parable and Commentary on Christ’s Victory Over Darkness and the Call to Discipleship

Bohlman presents a fascinating picture of God’s grace and how that played into Christ’s death in unexpected ways. His arguments about atonement will get readers thinking about they view God’s wrath, mercy, and what the crucifixion teaches us about those concepts.

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The Law, Then and Now: What About Grace?

Theologians often talk about the laws given to Israel (from the Ten Commandments to the ceremonial temple laws) in the Old Testament as the Law of Moses. But do Christians have to follow all these laws? Are Messianic Jews who want to maintain their heritage will still believing in Christ required to follow them? John B. Metzger dives deep into the Bible’s descriptions of the Law of Moses and the “Law of Messiah” Paul mentions in Galatians to answer these questions.

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