Pearl in the Sand

Pearl in the SandReviewed by: LeighAnn Wolle, professional writing major at Taylor University



Title: Pearl in the Sand

Author: Tessa Afshar

Publisher: Moody Publishers

Publication Date: Sept 2010

Format: Print book

Length: 316 Pages


Rahab is a character in the Bible who is a mystery. She plays a significant role, but little is told about her. The Bible lays a small foundation, but with little detail. Afshar took this knowledge and ran with it. Using the third person view of Rahab and the Israelite army, Afshar reveals how the Lord works in many ways. From the roots of her life of prostitution to her fear of love, Rahab’s story reveals how the love of God covers all. While being integrated into a new nation, Rahab is presented with the challenge of a doubtful family, shameful past, and difficult love life. How will it unfold? The only thing that is certain is the Lord is on her side.

For the Israelite army, God’s strength and victory is certain. They know the laws and work to follow them. The Lord proves strong in stopping the raging Jordan and crumbling the walls of Jericho. Salmone thought that is where the difficulties would end, but it is just the beginning. The strong leader of Judah is asked to integrate a family of foreigners into the nation, but his tough exterior is broken down by the true beauty of Rahab. How could leading a portion of Israel’s army be easier than falling in love?


Rating (1 to 5)

4 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Teen to Adult Women

Christian Impact

The biblical roots of this story are strong. It is clear Afshar kept every detail told of Rahab in her story. She is able to expand on this simple story and create a story many can relate to. Blindly following God is difficult, but this story is a beautiful and inspiring tale of God’s great care.

LeighAnn Wolle of Springfield, Illinois is a professional writing major at Taylor University.

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Pearl in the Sand

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