Saving my Assassin

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey

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Title: Saving my assassin assassin

Author: Virginia Prodan

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers

Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Format: Paperback

Length: 304 pages


It’s hard to believe that an eighty-seven pound woman, just under five foot tall, could stand up to those intent on murdering her, but with God that is just what happened! As the author herself states, “I should be dead. Buried in an unmarked grave in Romania. Obviously, I am not. God had other plans.”

Saving my assassin is Prodan’s memoir of her life in Romania from early childhood through her time as an attorney, fighting for truth and defying the “powers that be” in their evil regime. When she became a Christian as a young woman, she felt the calling to defend other believers and churches in direct disobedience to the government. She sought the truth in following her Lord. This was treason in the eyes of this régime under the rule of Ceausescu and for her disobedience she was kidnapped, tortured and beaten as well as placed under house arrest with her two young daughters.

Prodan’s writing is very simple yet profound as she shares her life experiences and the many ways that God answered prayer and kept her and her family safe. She also tells of a less than ideal childhood and of those who helped her escape and become a lawyer.




Rating (1 to 5)


Suggested Audience

American Christians particularly should read this unforgettable account of Virgina Prodan’s life and God’s continued protection.

Christian Impact

Seeing for ourselves the provision God made for Ms. Prodan and realizing the perils of persecution that Christians endure in other countries, should have a great impact on Christians in this country.

Used by permission from the Christian Library Journal.

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Saving My Assassin

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