More: How To Move From Activity for God to Intimacy With God

Reviewed by: Tucker White, a Professional Writing Major at Taylor University


Title: More: How To Move From Activity for God to Intimacy With God

Author: Greg L. Hawkins

Publisher: Multnomah Books

Publication Date: 2016

Format: Print book

Length: 206 pages


More is a dangerous book. It is a book that asks of its reader to shed any shallowness in his or her relationship with God and to dive in deeper. Hawkins presents steps toward a consuming intimacy with God, steps that are simple to understand yet challenging to carry out. Hawkins walks the reader through guiding concepts, then reduces those concepts into easy-to-remember slogans that ring in the reader’s mind long after he or she lays the book down. He did not come up with these guiding concepts overnight, but discovered them throughout his years as a pastor and devoted follower of Christ, which he expands upon in the autobiographical portions of the book. Intimacy with God is shown as entirely attainable and wonderful. All that one must do is shrug off a life of less and take up a life of more.
This is biblically sound advice for Christians looking to deepen their intimacy with God, but who are unsure of what steps to take. Nothing heretical or controversial stands out. Bible verses from various translations are peppered throughout, giving the reader scriptural support for the steps Hawkins has devised. The book is not just Hawkins’s advice, but also his testimony of discovering these steps.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

The Christian looking for opportunities to grow spiritually will appreciate the contents of this book.

Christian Impact

It presents a series of simple, though challenging steps to begin growing more intimate with God.

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More: How to Move from Activity for God to Intimacy with God

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