Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!

Reviewed by: Aubree DeVisser, a professional writing student at Taylor University, Upland, IN.     



Title:Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!

Author: Denis O. Lamoureux

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: 2016

Format: print

Length: 184 pages


Denis O. Lamoureux shares his experience of living in an “either/or” dichotomy of creation and evolution as a Christian and –at one time—an atheist. Soon after becoming an atheist, he came back to his faith as a lover of science and a follower of Christ, realizing that this was possible. He argues against the false dichotomy using scripture and science; informing the reader of the unnecessary struggle of choosing between The Word and nature.

Lamoureux believes that how we read and interpret the Bible can cause some conflicts. He uses the term “Message-Incident Principle” to explain that spiritual truths are incapable of being wrong. He then concludes that one cannot force one’s ideas of modern science onto the ancient views of the Bible. Later, he portrays the Bible as a book involving who created the universe, not how He did it.

Overall, the author writes to prove that Christians should not have to choose between evolution and creation because there is room for both. His main objective is to show that both nature and scripture need to work together in order for evolution to have any factual basis.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

YA and up.

Christian Impact

This text forces readers to open up their minds to new ideas and concepts concerning religion and science. It has intriguing information on how evolution can be accepted even by conservative Christians. With continual scripture evidence, as well scientific facts, Lamoureux states a new perspective on scripture and nature as a whole.

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Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes

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One Response to “Evolution: Scripture and Nature Say Yes!”

  1. Aubree, I haven’t read the book yet, but I’m wondering how the author reconciles the need for a savior if there was no first man and woman created in God’s image, who then disobeyed and sinned against God. If we all evolved from primordial slime (which was not created in God’s image!), then there’s no such thing as sin, and we have no need of a savior. Salvation stands or falls on whether you believe God’s explanation, or not. If we don’t need a savior, then Jesus showed up (and died) for nothing. Ditto for all the prophets. Either God has told us the truth, or He hasn’t. If He lied to us about creation, then I can’t trust Him about anything else, either. The incredible diversity and genetic complexity of living things speaks to us of an intelligence far beyond our comprehension – not of random chance, or even of a “guided” evolution. I’m sorry that some scientists professing the Christian faith are so pressured by their peers in the academic world that they feel they must compromise what God has plainly said and come up with another explanation. If we believe that God created the universe and everything in it by any method at all, then this incredible being has the capacity to create it any way He wants and as quickly or slowly as He wants; He is not under any limitation placed on Him by humans to fit within their parameters. Scientists are constantly discovering errors and mistakes or miscalculations they or their predecessors have made. While an entire creation in 6 days seems too fantastic to us humans, we have a fantastic God who is not bound either by scientific constraints or human understanding. God is either the author of science or He’s not the almighty God of the Scriptures.

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