Reaching the Unreached

Reviewed by: Luke Seeman, a 2017 summer professional writing student at Taylor University.


Title: Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art

Author: Peyton Jones

Publisher: Zondervan

Publication Date: May 2017

Format: paperback

Length: 251 pages


Exciting, funny, and bluntly convicting, this book will have you chuckling at an adventurous anecdote one moment and then cringing the next as a flaw within the church is pointedly called out. All the stops are pulled, and many of the church’s issues, especially those relating to missions, are addressed point-blank. But Jones doesn’t leave us in a lurch. He offers simple, difficult, practical advice on how we can turn our churches from a bunch of pews to a church describe in Acts. Surprisingly, relevant Indiana Jones references are riddled throughout the chapters, as well as systematically quoted Scripture, and Tolkien and Lewis references, as well as quotes from leading pastors and theologians from today and the past. The book is written in such a way as to be understood, with accessible modern language and (sometimes edgy) slang. Discussion questions and action prompts are included at the end of each chapter. Some of the book’s editing could have been sharper, but the message is direct and valuable.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars Highly recommended.

Suggested Audience

Older teens and up, both genders, male emphasis

Christian Impact

Calling out the church from apathy and complacency and giving examples of action and results. Shows the power of the Holy Spirit and tells how to make a difference in your community.

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Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art

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