Brush of Wings

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, Co-president of ECLA and long time book discussion leader



Title: Brush of wings

Author: Karen Kingsbury

Publisher: Howard Books

Publication Date: 2016

Format:Print book

Length: 326 pages


Brush of wings is the third book in the Angels Walking Series. This reviewer read the first but not the second yet had no trouble catching up with the story. Despite needing a heart transplant, Mary Catherine moves to Uganda to work in an orphanage, fulfilling a lifelong dream. She leaves Marcus Dillinger, her true love, behind, although no one, including Marcus, knows of her heart condition. Back at home her friends Tyler and Sami are planning their wedding and helping Lexi, a pregnant teenager who was once the girlfriend of a gang leader. A band of angels watches over each one and the various scenarios in their lives but they must go into full force when Mary Catherine’s condition becomes drastic and she needs to return immediately to the States.

This is a sweet, albeit predictable, story with a strong Christian worldview, definitely a trademark of Kingsbury’s writing.  The angel element puts me off a little but may be highly appealing to many readers.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Kingsbury fans, lovers of Christian fiction, especially romance.

Christian Impact

Trusting God’s plans for us and realizing His work in our lives is a strong message in Brush of wings.


Also includes discussion questions.

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Brush of Wings

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