(Book review) My First Book of Bible Verses

Reviewed by: Mary Clapp

Ministry Title: Co-President of ECLA and former church librarian


Title: My First Book of Bible Verses

Author: Susan Jones

Publisher: Good Books

Publication Date: Hollan Publishing

Format: paperback

Length: 62 pages


This nicely illustrated children’s picture book consists of 30 bible verses with an accompanying brief explanation of the verse that is easy for children to understand. In the back of the book there are four pages of stickers to be used as an incentive for children to memorize the verses. This book can be used as a devotional, reading a few pages every day; or as a way to memorize scripture.


Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

For children birth to age 8 and their parents

Christian Impact

Introducing small children to God’s word can have a huge impact on their lives. Romans 10:17 So faith comes form hearing, and hearing from the word of Christ.

Note: If adding this book to a library I would suggest  removing the stickers first. This book would be a nice addition to any church or school library.


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