Paying Attention: Finding God in the Ordinary

Reviewed by: Olivia Lauritzen, a professional writing major at Taylor University



Title: Paying Attention: Finding God in the Ordinary

Author: Rollie Johnston

Publisher: WestBow Press

Publication Date: March 27, 2017

Format: Print Book Paperback

Length: 548 pages


In Paying Attention, Rollie Johnston takes his readers on a journey through his own life and experiences, showing how he has learned to find God in seemingly ordinary things. Biking, canoeing, craftsmanship, and even what happens outside his living room window are all shown in the light of how wonderful and matchless the Creator is. By comparing what man is able to produce by carving, molding, painting, drafting, and building, Johnston is able to amplify those creative venues and demonstrate the phenomenal range of beauty God has made for all the world to marvel at and enjoy.  The Creator’s use of color, design, functionality, and variation are praised by the author and used as examples of how wondrous and diverse and amazing the God of the universe truly is.  This is a book that will sensitize people into appreciating the intricacies of nature and astronomy and geology and biology, revealing the vast range of God’s creativity.

There are problems with the book, unfortunately.  The pages are dreadfully in need of a professional copy-editor to overcome mechanical writing errors and problems with syntax and organization. Some of the metaphors and anecdotes could be much sharper, too.


Rating (1 to 5)

3 stars

Suggested Audience

Pastors, small group leaders, anyone who enjoys hiking, running, backpacking, canoeing, or woodworking.

Christian Impact

Emphasizes the presence of God in all aspects of our lives.

Other Notes (Optional):

Despite the well-themed content, the farther the book progresses, the more it seems to have been rushed into printing. Spelling, grammar, and formatting errors are prevalent, which diminish the message through a clouded lens for the reader.

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Paying Attention: Finding God in The Ordinary

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