Letters to a Romantic: On Engagement

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Title: Letters to a Romantic: On Engagement

Author: Sean Perron and Spencer Harmon

Publisher: P&R Publishing Company

Publication Date: 2017

FormatPrint book

Length: 133 pages


             Since the contemporary idea of engagement is a cultural phenomenon that did not exist in the same way as when the Bible was written, scripture tells us little about how we should live as engaged individuals. Letters applies scripture to our modern concept of engagement, giving practical hints and biblical advice to those preparing to get married.

Each chapter is a “letter” from the authors about various aspects of engagement: length of engagement, choosing a church, maintaining friendships, planning parties, and managing conflict. Scripture citing is frequent, and it is always given as a pragmatic application. Each chapter also ends with discussion questions for couples. It guides the partnership through answering the difficult challenges related to marriage: How do we deal with unsolicited advice? Will we use contraceptives? How do we pursue a spiritual relationship? Most of all, this book reinforces just how big of a commitment marriage is. It pleads the reader to become completely  devoted to his or her spouse before meeting at the altar.

This is a valuable tool for husbands- and wives-to-be to read individually and together when preparing for a wedding and the shared life to follow.



Rating (1 to 5)

5 stars

Suggested Audience

Men and women considering engagement or who are already engaged.

Christian Impact

This book offers a biblical perspective on marriage and how Christians can apply scripture to the time of engagement.

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Letters to a Romantic: On Engagement

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