A Call to Love: Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption

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Title: A Call to Love: Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption

Author: Julie Holmquist

Publisher: Tyndale House

Publication Date:

Format: Print Book

Length: 246 pages


            A Call to Love and its author focus on the hardships and joys that come with adoption. Julie Holmquist prepares the reader for the difficulties, unfulfilled expectations, and general challenges of what will be a totally new family dynamic.
Holmquist begins some chapters with an anecdote, either about herself or about families she knows. She begins other chapters with a general statement about management, childcare, finances, counseling, group dynamics, or legal matters that she explains further throughout the chapter. The anecdotes she uses are just as heartwarming as they are heartbreaking, and the truths she brings to light about adoption are vital for families seeking to adopt. She dispels misconceptions about what adoptions are and aren’t like. She gives stories and accounts from various families to show the readers they’re not alone. At the end of each chapter she provides helpful questions and a journaling section.
Overall, it’s a book that exists to aid potential adoptive families—specifically the parents—in their journey toward following God’s call to this form of ministry. She reminds readers to stay on the straight path when God calls them to emulate him, despite the discouragement and troubles that will inevitably come. A Call to Love is a helpful book for any family starting to look at or in the middle of the adoption process, and also for those who have just finished bringing an adopted child into their home. It provides encouragement, tips, and some truly wonderful stories about those who have been adopted and those who have processed an adoption.


Rating (1 to 5)

4 stars

Suggested Audience

Christian families seeking to adopt a child

Christian Impact

God may not be the center theme or subject of this book, but Holmquist makes constant mention of following God even amidst what might sometimes seem rather challenging or even nonsensical plans. The book, coming from a Christian author, is written with a Christian audience in mind and succeeds in sharing its message.


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A Call to Love: Preparing Your Heart and Soul for Adoption

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