Waking Beauty

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Book Title: Waking Beauty

Author: Sarah E. Morin

Publisher: Gilead Publishing

Publication Date: 2015

Format: Print Book

Length: 467 pages


In this retelling of the classic fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty, Waking Beauty captures your attention and your heart with a fresh spin on the story. Full of twists and turns, this story follows Brierly and her not-quite-so charming prince Arpien as they seek to save the kingdom from the vicious fairy Voracity and a foreign invasion led by Arpien’s brother. The only problem is that Brierly still believes she is asleep, wandering the dream world. Time is running short, and Aprien needs to save Rosaria from Voracity, convince Brierly she is awake, and stop his brother from invading the kingdom. And through it all, this mysterious character begins to pop up. Who is the Prince of Here and There, and is he going to help them or destroy them?

In a tale full of hilarious quips, heartbreaking moments, and battle between good and evil, this book will sweep you away into the fantastical world of Waking Beauty. While a bit slow at times, it gives you a new perspective on the classic story. The story is full of complex, relatable characters and will convince you to never stop reading. Once you start, the storyline and characters will steal your heart and take you on an adventure you will never forget.


Rating (1 to 5):

4.5 Stars

Suggested Audience:

Anyone 12 years old and up who is interested in a Christian fairy tale adventure

Christian Impact:

God is throughout this entire book, and it will teach you how to trust Him when life gets hard. It truly shows God’s everlasting love, and His role as a protector of His precious creation.


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Waking Beauty

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