Simple Discipleship: Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community

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Book: Simple Discipleship: Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community

Author: Dana Allin

Publisher: NavPress

Publication: 2018

Format: Print

Length: 180 pages


Simple Discipleship addresses the concept of discipleship that many Christians are confused by. Beginning with the definition of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and concluding with strategies for spiritual growth and discipleship, this book helps the reader discover intricate and practical aspects of discipleship.

The foundation of the book is the eight core qualities Dana Allin attributes to disciples of Jesus. These qualities are the gospel-saturated life, connection to God, exhibition of the fruit of the Spirit, understanding of the Bible and Christian theology, missional living, engagement of others toward discipleship, community, and fulfillment of God’s call on one’s life.

Allin encourages practical, active engagement in discipleship. He writes, “When Jesus encouraged others toward discipleship, He would give them tasks that let them apply what they were learning” (117). Drawing on the idea of teaching someone to swim by letting them practice for themselves, Allin says, “We therefore need to ask what experiences we might create for ourselves to stimulate growth in a particular area” (117).

Developed thoughtfully and organized clearly, this book is easy to follow. By walking through the eight qualities of a disciple, Allin effectively communicates the practical side of discipleship in an overarching manner and easily read style. In addition, he incorporates personal-life examples and other people’s stories to further his message. Telling the story of a man in his spiritual gifts Bible study, Allin writes: “He concluded with tears in his eyes and a crack in his voice, ‘I think I might have some gifts that went unused.’”



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Suggested Audience:

American Christians interested in personal spiritual development and helping other Christians mature.

Christian Impact:

Practical tips for growth for Christians in spiritual development and discipling others



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Simple Discipleship: Grow Your Faith, Transform Your Community

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