Miles From Where We Started

Reviewed by: Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader



Book or Media Title:

Miles from where we started

Author or Producer:

Cynthia Ruchti

Publisher or Studio:


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348 pages


Mallory and Connor Duncan may technically be called newlyweds but just weeks away from their first anniversary the couple is trying to figure out how to end their marriage. Strangely enough they end up on a three-thousand-mile road trip sponsored by RoadRave and are taking along an eleven-year-old who has a laundry list of issues himself. This trip will either make or break the couple, but it soon seems to spell disaster for them. But God is in the details and readers will watch Him work in this relationship.


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of contemporary fiction and romance

Christian Impact:

God is definitely the God of second chances.

Other Notes (Optional):

Contains very thought-provoking discussion questions.



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Miles from Where We Started

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