A Change of Affection

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Becket Cook


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Los Angeles, California fostered Becket Cook’s ideal life. He worked as a film set designer, had connections with Hollywood elite, and went to lavish parties. Best of all, he’d found an environment that welcomed his homosexuality. Yet he craved a sense of meaning for his existence. After several failed relationships with men, he held out hope for finding “the one” to fill his internal void. A conversation with a Christian man at a coffee shop led Cook to attend a church service. There he heard the gospel. He encountered a presence of love that washed away his emptiness, and he gave his life to God.  

This memoir plunges readers into one man’s poignant journey out of identifying as a homosexual to receiving identity as a child of God. Cook’s transparency and convictions deepen readers’ understanding of the nature of homosexuality and the implications of the gospel for this issue. Cook dives into the crux of this cultural controversy by addressing the heart issues from a biblical standpoint. 



5 stars

Suggested Audience:

Adults or young adults seeking a more personalized understanding of homosexuality with a gospel-centered analysis of the issue.

Christian Impact:

This book will empower readers to stand firm in love and biblical truth as they respond to the issue of homosexuality in their daily lives.

Other Notes:

This book includes a brief account of sexual abuse. It is written about in general terms, and is key to the author’s story, yet may unsettle some readers.

A Change of Affection: A Gay Man's Incredible Story of Redemption

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