The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus: What Jesus Prayed and How It Can Change Your Life Today

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G. Connor Salter, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


Janet Holm McHenry


Bethany House Publishers

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176 pages


Most Christians know on some level that they need to pray, but how do they do it? More specifically, how do they make it into a continual conversation with God rather than something they do every time they’re in trouble? Janet Holm McHney answer these questions and others by looking at how Jesus prayed. She goes through different moments the Gospels records Jesus praying or audibly talking to God (and in some cases God audibly talking back), and connects the attitudes present in each moment to values Christians should cultivate when praying and generally in their spiritual life.

McHenry stretches her definition of prayer on occasion; in one chapter she describes Jesus blessing his disciples before his Ascension as an instance of someone giving a blessing prayer. Strict scholars may frown at this kind of thing, but the fault really isn’t McHenry as much as the genre. Writers trying to write Christian living books about “times when the Bible talks about…” usually have to make their definitions broad to get enough material for a full book. In this case, McHenry never stretches the boundaries too far, and the applications she takes from Bible passage are quite sound. Ultimately, McHenry does a great job of using these various scenes.  


Rating (1 to 5 stars)

3 out of 5 stars

Suggested Audience

Christians interested in how to pray and what to pray for in various situations.

Christian Impact

This book will encourage readers to trust God more and pray with confidence to him.

The Complete Guide to the Prayers of Jesus: What Jesus Prayed and How It Can Change Your Life Today

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