A Theory of Everything (That Matters)

Reviewed by:

Chrysa Keenon, Professional Writing alumnus from Taylor University, Upland, IN.


A Theory of Everything (That Matters)


Alister McGrath


Tyndale Momentum

Publication date:

October 8, 2019




217 pages


Albert Einstein’s thoughts and theories have revolutionized our lives down to the daily level. Thanks to his ideals, science and technology have progressed steadily as new discoveries are being made based on his theories. Einstein was also asking big questions about mortality. Can looking at science alone provide the answers? Or do humans have to look to something more, like faith, to find our purpose? Alister McGrath explains Einstein’s theories on life and faith and speaks about the coexistence of faith and science in today’s world.

This novel takes on a difficult task: breaking down the views of Einstein to an average reader, while also explaining how faith fits into the science we know today. While the author makes an effort to do both, the focus stays more on Einstein rather than faith for the majority of the narrative. Because of this dynamic, it tends to read like a science textbook. It is full of accurate information but lacks where it could have tied faith consistently throughout the narrative. The author covers most of Einstein’s theories, which is a lot of information, and could be considered too much to keep track of for readers unfamiliar with Einstein’s work.



3.5 out of 5

Suggested Audience

This book is ideal for readers looking to learn more about Einstein and his theories. Due to the vocabulary used, adult audiences are suggested.

Christian Impact

A Theory of Everything (That Matters) had to potential to have a larger Christian impact but fell short of what it could have achieved. Readers who are looking for answers on how faith can tie into science will find it here, but the topic is not touched on as deeply as it could have been.

A Theory of Everything (That Matters): A Brief Guide to Einstein, Relativity, and His Surprising Thoughts on God

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