The best of intentions

Reviewed by:

Ceil Carey, retired public librarian and long-time book discussion leader


The best of intentions


Susan Anne Mason


Bethany House






347 pages


Grace Abernathy travels to Canada after World War I to hopefully convince her widowed sister to come back with her to England, to bring her son to their mother. Seeing him is the sole desire of a woman who has lost two sons and, of course, does not yet know her daughter is also gone. When Grace discovers that the horrible Easton family has custody of Christian, she is determined to find out how they are they treating her nephew.  Using an assumed name, Grace is hired as the boy’s nanny and discovers the Eastons, formidable though they may be, are caring for Christian and loving him as well.

While employed as the nanny, Grace finds herself falling in love with Andrew Easton. While he might be handsome, kind and caring, his socialite fiancée is none of these things. How will she be as a mother to Christian? How can Grace protect her heart in the midst of wedding plans of the man she loves?


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

Fans of Christian fiction, historical fiction, romance

Christian Impact:

Subterfuge and lies abound in this story. Being up front and honest is a lesson several characters had to learn the hard way.

The Best of Intentions (Canadian Crossings, #1)

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