The Noble Guardian

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Cindy Akre, blogger and voracious reader


The Noble Guardian


Michelle Griep




Shiloh Run Press




313 pages


Set in early 1800s England, highwaymen were common on roads and Abby must suffer through road travel to get to her “intended” fiancé and supposed “dream” life.  Samuel, an officer of the law, is appointed as her escort, something he begrudgingly does. Both characters bring their own issues to the journey. Their trials together are many and dangerous, but the resolution of each one and how the characters grow is on full display. As they travel, the time spent together includes not only a revelation of past anguish, but course corrections in the midst of danger.  The characters were real as they struggled with those issues during both suspenseful and hopeful moments in the midst of confusion. I enjoy an author’s ability to portray real people with real struggles that transcend time.  The reader gets a front row seat of the workings into their minds as they navigate toward their futures.  The pace of the book was great without slogging and the action was not overdone.  And the characters’ difficult circumstances remind us of those greater opportunities to trust the Lord.

This was a page turner for sure, one I did not like putting down!


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

High school and above

Christian Impact:

The impact was immense, showing that trusting the Lord is the best way to face difficulties in life.  

The Noble Guardian (The Bow Street Runners, #3)

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