Far From Home

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Carol Carlton, Church Librarian at Faith Baptist in Winfield, IL


Far from Home: A Story of Loss, Refuge, and Hope


Sarah Parker Rubio


Tyndale Kids





32 pages



This is a story for kids of loss, refuge and hope. A little boy overhears his parents talking about having to leave the country as it isn’t safe anymore. He can’t take much with him but has to take his rabbit. It is a difficult situation for a child to understand.  It is a refreshing  perspective on the refugee.Wonderful kid’s book


Rating (1 to 5):


Suggested Audience:

I would highly recommend it for any library or child who may be questioning why things are happening to children right now. 

Christian Impact:

The story of Christ is told in the book yet it could be for any child.

Far from Home: A Story of Loss, Refuge, and Hope

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